Jamaica’s Premier Asylum 5 star Helltel aka Ward 21-Through the eyes of a Patient

PARTING SHOTS- It took me over two weeks too long to understand that my fate rested in the hands of “The Goddess Upstairs” that is The Consultant assigned to my case. This Goddess was so elusive as no amount of ‘prayers’ could get a hearing. The mediator The Resident Psychiatrist held her in such awe and high esteem that it bordered on Fear morbid fear. No choice as her eternal future also rested in the hand of this Goddess.

Friendship with the nurses and especially the psychiatric wards could easily be misconstrued  as flirting and inappropriate  behavior . As soon as this was fully understood  by me I became a saint of the nature of Mother Superior but friendly enough to be viewed as ‘normal human behavior devoid of emotions’.

The day finally came when I was to be discharged. I was overjoyed naturally but many doubts were expressed as “The Meeting” the one that’s  held with family members , the Doctor and the Social Worker was not held. Thank God for pagan Christmas as I believe the timing of my release was directly related to the Yuletide  season.

Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way was music to my ears and it rivaled The Love Inside by my favorite  artist Barbra Streisand .

I shall return has been replaced by I shan’t  return the same as over 20 years ago when I had a brief sojourn .


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