Jamaica’s Premier Asylum 5 Star Helltel aka Ward 21-Through the eyes of a Patient

Snack Time- Drama Greed & Steal  This could easily be the tile of a Soap Opera but it’s a apt description of snack time which was three or four times each day. Snacks were necessary to supplement the meals given each day as the meals were design to acquaint us with diets of anorexics.

Those who had no snacks  were the first in line to collect snacks. They would stand there and beg all those who had snacks to share with them. Refusal to do so would sometimes result in you being “cussed out” or berated for being mean and unkind.

One night when I boycotted supper I decided to take a snack before bedtime . A male patient infamous for his renditions of Dennis Brown songs begged me a piece of my bulla. My response  was a flat outright no. I received a cursing which I will not forget anytime soon.

Some patients , even though they had snacks made it their career to beg others some of theirs so that  if refused they could use it as ammunition  to be unkind in the future.

Sadly some patients never had snacks because they were not visited. I personally looked out for such ones to share my snacks when I could. There was a patient who fell  in this category until lo and behold he got a visitor who brought him many, many snacks  From this day and henceforth he was a changed man. He made himself  public enemy number one. A bright Good Morning to him was met with disparaging remarks to ensure that mistake won’t be made again.

All in all snack time made friendships and broke friendships and left us still hungry but sufficed enough so that we couldn’t die from starvation .




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