When its said and done

via Daily Prompt: SomedayToday  the world is in a bad shape. No it’s  not triangular or square but world conditions has deteriorated  to the point where humanity is bordering on extinction .

Wars, crime and violence, acts of terrorism , child exploitation and diseases just to name a few has become many persons normality that we are hardly surprise when we watch prime time news and hear the atrocities.

For those of us who are persons of Faith based on the Bible we are confident that someday soon the world as we know it now will pass away. The planet earth will remain but conditions will change.

A righteous new world is just around the corner. We know that when all is said and done the wicked persons who are destroying this our planet home will themselves be destroyed.

So in the near future”Thy Kingdom will come and Thy will is going to be done in answer to the prayer of millions, most of whom are ignorant to what they are praying for.


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