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       There  are smartphones, smartcards, smart grid and the new kid on the block – smart watch. In this age of smartness we are here making an appeal to inventors to furnish us with the following: (list not exhaustive)

Smartcar–  A car that is able to keep itself clean and avoid accidents at all cost no matter how inept the driver.

Smartbed– A bed that will make itself.

Smarthouse– A house that is fully loaded with all the comforts of living and will automatically re-stock refridgerator- which is smart and re-stock cupboards- which are smart.

Now the world is full of many smart asses, so we expect that in due course the smart politician, the smart economists, the smart scientists , the smart doctor, the smart environmentalist, the smart engineer and the world’s smartest ass will emerge and fix all the worlds ills.

In this era of smartness is this not a smart expectation? Smart asses – you decide.

” Our principle…

” Our principles are the springs of our actions; our actions are the springs of our happiness or misery. Too much care ,therefore, cannot be taken in forming our principles.”

“He who merely knows right principles is not equal to those who loves them.”