When Paradise Come

Yu tink yu kno niceness? Yu tink yu kno happiness?

Nuh becuz yu live inna big house an nuh homeless!

Drive criss car and live inna richness!

Yu nuh kno niceness: yu nuh kno happiness.

Wait til Paradise come then yu a go si niceness and feel happiness.

When di bunions and the corn dem drop offa yu toes; when yu knock knee dem straighten out.

When yu flabby thigh dem get smooth and tight an yu nuh affi tuck een nutten fi look right.

When di sreet dem line wid gold an nuh baddy nah get ole.

when di wild beast dem an yu a fren an yu nuh need nuh money fi spen.

When yu see the ded a rise an nuh feel fraid fi walk a nite.

When pure love an unity exist an all a we a live endlessly.

Wha yu sey? When dis a go hapen? when dis a go come?

Mi cyan tell di exact day nor di exact hour . But mi fren all mi can say is dat it will hapen , yes it will come,




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