“The tongue, not one of mankind can get it tamed.An unruly injurious thing, it is full of death-dealing poison.”

“The tongue is a little member yet makes big brags. Look! How little a fire it takes to set so great a woodland on fire! Well, the tongue is a fire.”

What we say can have  very serious and far- reaching repercussions. The tongue can heal and it can kill. However sometimes it’s not what is said but how it is said or to whom it is said. Be that as it may we need to watch how we talk.

Don’t say it if:

  • It is a lie.
  • It is unkind.
  • It is slanderous or maligning.
  • It will hurt.
  • It will come back to haunt you.

The problem is that sometimes we are ignorant as to the effect what we say can have. So let us exercise great care in our speech. We definitely can’t tame it but we ought to try and control it.


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