Ban on single use plastic bags

Does anyone else have a bag of plastic bags or is it only me?

The amount of bags in circulation is tremendous and although branded as single use,  some scandal bags are often used multiple times before going out of circulation that is “garbage receptacles” or burnt or shredded .

The ban took effect on January 1,2019 and many persons myself included still accepts from time to time these bags from stores especially when we forget to take our reusable bags. This ban will take some time getting used to because of habit. Yes as creatures of habit we forget more often than we remember  to bring our reusable bag with us to the store.

I am in agreement 100% with this ban because of the obvious environmental consequence that single use bags have. However to reap the benefits of this ban, garbage disposal have to be corrected , starting in every home, with every individual living in this country.


Have you ever had writer’s block? You know you need to write but can’t figure out what to write. How do I begin?

Well I am experiencing this right now. So I decided to write about it. The truth is I want to write a blog that’s witty and sarcastic and really worth the read but I don’t have the foggiest idea as to what to write about. Relatable?

So here goes I am writing about Nothing. Now that’s Something. Is it interesting , no but it’s worth writing about because many a author has made their name doing just that. Making something out of nothing. Nothingness is not unique or unusual in fact it’s the core of our very existence. Out of nothing came everything.

Nothing is more vague or uninteresting as Nothing yet we must first have nothing to have something.So here’s to nothing. Let’s raise our glasses and drink to it and let us celebrate nothing for without it we wouldn’t have something, anything and everything




Why build a wall? Why build a wall?

If you build The Wall the wall will fall.

Check the history, every wall did fall.

The Wall of Jericho- Did fall

The Babylon Wall- Fall

The Walls of Jerusalem – Did fall

The Berlin Wall-It too Fall

So, Why build the wall? So the wall will fall?

And take its place in history as another wall that fall?

Don’t be stupid and build the wall because the wall will fall.

All that Glitters isn’t Gold

When we are young most of are attracted to things that are shiny, lighted or bright. We often found that once these things are acquired the brightness is dulled by the inferior quality of the product.  And so began the lesson: All that glitters is not Gold. We have to be careful of the choices we make in life as some of life’s best gifts are not to be found in pretty wrapping papers.         On the contrary many blessings and gifts can be overlooked if we focus on the glitter and prettiness of what life has to offer.

So be very careful of the choices we make because ‘ All that glitters isn’t Gold’.

Jamaica’s Premier Asylum 5 Star Helltel a.k.a Ward 21

Visiting Time:

O how happy we all were when we received a visitor or visitors during visiting time. The only exception to that rule was when the visitor or visitors was the source of our demise or so we felt.Some patients always had visits while some who rarely or never had visits made the visitors of those who always had theirs.

I recall feeling a little sad when no one came to visit me especially as I heard the excited chatter of patients and their visitors.

For some visiting time meant a time for some extra food as the smell of  KFC and Burgher King pervaded the day area.

It was not unusual to hear some patients being admonished to behave and cooperate with ‘ the powers that be’ to hasten their dismissal and come back home in the rest and care of concerned family members.

My visitors were mainly friends rather than family. A visit from two family members went so badly that it was never repeated for my duration of confinement in ‘Helltel ‘.

For mosr visiting time meant encouraging exchanges, the receiving of snacks, change of clothing and tioiletries. Visiting hours was the favorite part of the day for many as they could get a chance to catch up on what was happening in the real world and in their own lives.

At the end of the visiting time many of the patients had heard something or seen someone to make them have sweet dreams or nightmares  to awaken to another day to the same old routine . Another day in 5 star Helltel a.k.a ward 21.